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Technological Installations

AERO SYSTEM company specializes in design and construction of technological lines for food and chemical plants. As a general contractor of industrial installations, we build structures, pipelines, tanks, heating and cooling, electrical, automation and set in motion production process.
Our team have 15 years experience in designing and Projet Managing. Solidly executed contracts within the framework of general performance backed up by references, allow us to work for the world’s largest corporations producing food and chemistry.

We hire electrician, mechanics and welders teams to European industry sites. We work in plants around the world.

AERO SYSTEM builds technology installations completely. Engineers implementing industrial projects such as:

-Technological Design, P & ID diagrams, piping projects in 3D.
-Lines for the production of chemical raw materials: acids, polyols, solvents, adhesive tapes, fabry.
-Lines for the production of raw materials, foodstuffs: drinks, cakes, toppings, alcohols, oils.
-Delivery and installation of equipment: tanks, pumps, premiksery, mixers, reactors, heat exchangers, pasteurizers.
-Piping of stainless steel and plastics in accordance with Directive PED (Pressure Equipment Directive).
-Industrial automation of production lines.
-Industrial oil boilers and gas.
-Pipelines of steam and condensate.
-Refrigeration-freon, ammonia, CO2, propylene glycol.
-Cooling Systems: cooling fan, cooling towers, free cooler, dry cooler.
-NO Position on media dangerous subject under the TAD (Technical supervision of Transport).
-Installation of the odour removal case: to reduce VOC (volatile organic compounds)
-Industrial lines in accordance with the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points).
-Pigging-pipeline system for emptying residues of the product.
-Stations of the CIP (Clean in Place).
-Inventory of industrial plants

We build complete technology installations with stainless steel, from tanks unloading, through buffer tanks, precision dosing, premixing, preparation of the product in the mixers, through pasteurization, storage,degassing, until the process of bottling the products packaging. For the discerning chemical processes we assemble process systems built on two and three pipes raincoat, with a possibility of heating and cooling of transported material. We are building a complete industrial heating and cooling systems, giving or receiving heat from process lines and machinery. We take responsibility for the performance of industry lines as a general contractor installation. We manage all process contracts from concept through execution of projects, financing sectoral, obtaining building permits, construction, pipe welding, supply tanks, mixers, pumps, fittings, heat exchangers after the start of production.
We operate actively in the urban district heating plants and the plants.We automate boilers WR-10, WR25 and lower power ratings of boilers. We specialize in EX zones covered by the ATEX Directive (Atmosphères Explosibles).


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